Workmans Comp Disability Versus Disability Working Allowance

Workmans Comp Disability Versus Disability Working Allowance

Work related injuries account for millions of dollars in disability benefits each year. For many employees, the receipt of workmans comp disability provides for a way to sustain current lifestyle while recovering from a work injury. If you have been injured at work, it is important to become familiar with not only the dynamics of your workmans comp disability benefits, but to also understand how this differs from a disability working allowance.

Workmans comp disability benefits, for the most part, are considered a temporary form of disability compensation that arises out of a work injury. In most states, the payment of these benefits is limited to a specified period of time, without regard to how long you may be unable to work. When you sustain a work related injury, it is important, therefore, to understand what the limitations may be on timelines for workmans comp disability.

In contrast, disability working allowance may be an employee benefit offered by your employer. Typically, this type of benefit is offered through a private insurance company and is paid to you without regard to the underlying cause of disability. In some states, and under some federal programs, disability working allowance can also be afforded when you have a total inability to work based upon an illness, disease, or injury. To quality for disability working allowance, however, your disability must be permanent.

After sustaining a work related injury, be sure you speak with your human resources department about what benefits you may be entitled to. Be sure you understand what terms and conditions apply to the workmans comp disability benefits for your state and then what private disability benefits your employer’s employee benefits plans may provide.

And, beyond all these benefits, your social security disability benefits may also be considered after you sustain a work injury that causes permanent disability. There are very stringent guidelines to qualify for this type of program, but all of these programs should be considered in the days and weeks after your work injury takes place.

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