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Workers Compensation Settlements

Workers compensation settlements are entirely voluntary. The employer or its workers compensation insurer isn’t required to settle a workers comp claim. The claimant isn’t required to agree with the settlement offer as proposed, either. If you’re in the process of discussing a settlement of a workers compensation claim, or

Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

When a U.S. worker is too injured or ill to perform his or her job, several different state and federal financial programs may apply to his or her situation.  If the worker is eligible, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and a variety of state disability programs can

Workers Comp Final Settlement

A workers comp final settlement represents the closure of an agreement between the injured worker and the employer or its insurance company. Many workers comp claims are settled through a negotiation process between the injured victim, the employer and/or insurer, and legal counsel for the parties. A workers comp

Who Pays for Workers Compensation

Workers comp is an important financial benefit and, if you ever need it, you may want to know who pays for workers compensation. Most U.S. employers must purchase workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately, workers comp insurance doesn’t cover all workers. If you’re an independent contractor, an agricultural worker, or a