Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

Social Security Disability Benefits for ChildrenChild SSI benefits are given by the SSA (Social Security Administration) to the parents of children who have a disability. These disabilities are not limited to just medical conditions but also include both learning and behavioral disorders as well.

Parents who think that their children may qualify for Social Security disability benefits will also need to make sure that their whole household meets some specific income requirements that have been set in place by SSI. Whenever you apply for child SSI benefits, Social Security will look at how much the child’s parents earn; how much the child’s parents have saved in their bank account; the total value of the parents’ retirement accounts; any family investments; if the family owns any property other than their primary residence; and if the family owns more than one vehicle. Any of your family’s resources (cash, investments, property and vehicles) must not exceed $2,000. If you happen to have money that has put your family over the resource limit, then you can spend the money so that your child can qualify for benefits.

Excess money that you are trying to spend in order to qualify for child SSI benefits can be spent in any way that you see fit. Once you have met the $2,000 resource limit you can then apply for Social Security for children as you will then be considered eligible. Of course, you may find this a bit bothersome to have to meet all of these requirements in order to get child SSI benefits but you would not be alone here.

Once your child becomes eligible to receive child SSI benefits and the payments that the program will provide them with, your child can also be enrolled in your state’s Medicaid program. This insurance program is one of the greatest child SSI benefits as it will help you be able to afford to pay for any medical or prescription expenses that your child may have. At this point you should also check to see if you are qualified to receive food stamps as well. More than likely this will be another one of the child SSI benefits that you will be given.

In order to begin the enrollment process to get your child SSI benefits you will need to call the Social Security office’s toll-free number. They will be able to provide you with any other information that you may need.