Disability in the USA

My husband is 48 years old. He started working when he was 19 years old after leaving college. In the 29 years that he has worked full time, he has only had 1 year out of work in 1982. This was after the sudden death of his father. In

Prison Abuse, American Disability Act

The excessive prison costs in many states has resulted in a reduced number of educational programs within the prison systems creating less chances for prisoners to rehabilitate themselves and improve their own life skills and taking responsibility for making good and bad decisions. The dismantling of such programs is

Workmans Comp Disability Versus Disability Working Allowance

Work related injuries account for millions of dollars in disability benefits each year. For many employees, the receipt of workmans comp disability provides for a way to sustain current lifestyle while recovering from a work injury. If you have been injured at work, it is important to become familiar

The Social Security Disability Application

The Social Security Disability application is long and complex. To improve the chance of enjoying a successful result, avoid making mistakes. For instance, don’t collect unemployment while you’re waiting for the outcome of a Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) application. Don’t continue to work after requesting SSDI benefits. Many