Disability or SSI? Which Should You Apply For

When you apply for Social Security benefits, you will need to make a decision whether to apply for SSI, Disability Insurance, or both. It will be essential to understand the differences before selecting one or the other. Here we will talk about what each entails and how to maximize

Living with a Disability

Living with a disability is a lot like living with a secret. Sometimes it is an open secret, where it is apparent to most that you have some sort of impediment complicating your life. Depending on the severity and nature of the disabilitiy, the impact can be more than

Rural Life and Disability

We all know living with a disability is difficult at times. I, for example am a quadriplegic. I have been living with my disability since I was 13. At first I never thought much about it, but as I grew up, things started to change. I noticed how seemingly

What Life is like with a Severe Disability

Have you ever said to yourself I wonder what it would be like to live life with a severe disability? I’m sure you answered yourself I can’t imagine. As I’m sitting here writing this I wish I could say the same. I was diagnosed with Dubowitz congenital muscular dystrophy