Applying for Social Security Disability: Information and Documentation to Provide

Social Security disability benefits provide a lifeline to some adults that cannot work due to serious health problems or physical or mental disabilities. The application process is often lengthy, though, and involves filling out numerous forms and making sure you provide the Social Security Administration with all the information

Social Security Disability and SSI:

Filing your claim isn’t going to be fun. SSA will send you a packet of papers to complete, or you can complete the application online. Either way, many of these questions are repetitive. They will want to know what you think is wrong with you. They will want all

Overcoming a Disability

Having spent 9 years in a wheelchair as a child, I can come out and tell you it was a very miserable experience, but persevered and made the best out of the situation. Knowing that there are others with many different types of disabilities this article will explain to

Social Security Disability

I had a microdiscectomy done earlier this year and I’m not any better than I was before surgery.The neurosurgeon said this type of surgery helps 90% of patients. I guess I fell into the 10 % category.I had a mri and myelogram done in may that showed post-op change