U.S. Social Security Vs. the United Kingdom’s Disability Allowance

In the United States our health care standards are consistently lagging behind other civilized countries. I can find hundreds of reminders of how and why other countries just do it better. Here is a look at one example of an extremely useful benefit offered to citizens of the United

Social Security Disability for Dissociative Identify Disorder

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a psychological condition in which a person has two or more distinct personalities. Those personalities must “take over” at times. Many people with DID are able to function quite well and work at a number of jobs. However, DID can be disabling for some

Social Security Disability and Spouse Benefits

If you have been approved for Social Security disability, your spouse may also be eligible for benefits. Your spouse does not have to be disabled, and does not have to qualify by working a minimum number of quarters. But there are other requirements that must be met. Your spouse

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. Most people begin the claim process with doubts and trepidation about the outcome. There are numerous media reports that decry the programs failure to pay benefits to thousands of people in need. It is very important to understand that the disability program was