Disability Lawyers – Why You Need Them, Their Costs and Services

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If you’re a disabled U.S. worker who’s paid Social Security taxes over a working lifetime, you may have questions about disability lawyers. For instance, you might ask why, or if, you need a Social Security disability lawyer? If you’re concerned about finances, you’re probably wondering about how much a

Denied VA Disability Benefits

According to the New York Times, a recent report shows a “sharp increase” in the number of veterans who’ve been denied VA disability benefits. If a veteran applies for veterans’ disability compensation and the Veterans Administration denies benefits, he or she has the legal right to an appeal direction

Workers Compensation Settlements

Workers compensation settlements are entirely voluntary. The employer or its workers compensation insurer isn’t required to settle a workers comp claim. The claimant isn’t required to agree with the settlement offer as proposed, either. If you’re in the process of discussing a settlement of a workers compensation claim, or

Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

When a U.S. worker is too injured or ill to perform his or her job, several different state and federal financial programs may apply to his or her situation.  If the worker is eligible, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and a variety of state disability programs can