How to Get Certified for Disability Management

Disability managers help employers get injured individuals back in the workplace. Those working in this area can enhance their careers by getting certified for disability management from the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission. The requirements are somewhat low for this particular certification compared to the qualifications imposed by

Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation Benefits – What You Should Know

Work related injuries often result in severe limitations. Worker’s Compensation benefits are payable to the injured worker for lost wages and medical treatment. If the limitations are severe enough, the employee may be found to be permanently and totally disabled”. In many states, like Florida, benefits are paid for

The Difference Between SSI and Social Security Disability

Many people use the terms SSI and Disability interchangeably when referring to payments made by the Social Security Administration to disabled workers. However, there are some major differences that people should understand when it comes to the two different programs. If you are disabled and applying for benefits there

Social Security Disability: Back Benefits

Social Security disability is an insurance program to which you’ve contributed through payroll taxes that you have paid with each and every paycheck that you’ve earned. If you become disabled and unable to work, you have the right to apply for disability benefits. If Social Security finds that the