Filing for SSI or Disability Benefits in Tennessee: What to Expect

Are you or someone you know trying to file for Security Supplement Income or Disability in Tennessee? Here are a few tips for Tennessee residents when applying. These all come from personal experience of going through the process with my husband. First of all, do not take it on

Long Term Disability – What the Insurers Hope You Don’t Know

When I went on disability, I was unaware the insurer could terminate my benefits without any notice. Here are some helpful tips that I wish someone had told me when I was diagnosed with cancer and went on disability. Document, document, document! When you see your doctor, have your

Why Social Security Declines Disability Applicants

If you are thinking about applying for Social Security disability because a medical condition limits your ability to work, make sure your medical records say so. Also, be careful about your “activities of daily living.” This is Social Security’s term for things you do routinely in and out of

How to Cope-up with Disability in Normal Life?

Disability: Five senses of human being: The human being has blessed with five senses. This helps him live with utmost satisfaction. The five important senses are – touching, seeing with eyes, smelling, tasting and hearing sounds. But in some people any one or more of the above five senses