Overcoming a Disability

Overcoming a Disability

Having spent 9 years in a wheelchair as a child, I can come out and tell you it was a very miserable experience, but persevered and made the best out of the situation. Knowing that there are others with many different types of disabilities this article will explain to you the ways that you can overcome a situation in which you are disabled.

The first step to overcoming a disability is confidence. You must be confident when having a disability because it shows people that you can stand up for yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself how can others? You have to believe in yourself at all times and not depend on others in moderation. If you begin to depend on others for help, after a while they will begin to think of you as less and begin to take advantage of you or value your opinions less. Show them that you are in control of your life, regardless of your disability and respect will come.

Secondly, plan and manage your life. Since you have a disability you should be aware that it takes you more time to do something than someone who isn’t disabled. You should level the playing field by planning ahead. For example, if you in a wheelchair and you know that you have a class to get to or else you will be late, you should go ahead and leave five minutes before everyone else does so that you can make it before them or the same time. Managing your time will allow for you to look no different than everyone else, proving that a disability cannot inhibit you.

The last step to overcoming a disability is to never accept aid that is not provided to everyone else unless necessary. What I mean by this is, if someone offers to help you cross make it to the next class room because you are visually impaired, or if they offer to push your wheelchair around the school, tell them in the most gently way that you don’t need it. The people are only being polite but to accept would be to accept your position would make you look as if you were unable to overcome your disability. But as I stated before, you should only deny aid when necessary. If you need help to cross a road and someone offers to assistance, it would be safe to accept it.

In conclusion, living with a disability may inhibit you from doing activities like everyone else does, but you don’t have to let this put you down. As long as you follow through on the steps given you would have truly overcome your disability.