How to Get Certified for Disability Management

How to Get Certified for Disability ManagementDisability managers help employers get injured individuals back in the workplace. Those working in this area can enhance their careers by getting certified for disability management from the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission.

The requirements are somewhat low for this particular certification compared to the qualifications imposed by the typical certifying organization. However, the main criteria are the same – education, experience and a disability-management certification exam. Presumably, the qualifications are somewhat lower because there are few, if any, specific degree programs currently offered in disability management. As such, many people working in disability management have different kinds of degrees.

The educational requirement is very simple: either any bachelor’s degree or a current registered-nurse (RN) license in any state. Official transcripts or license verification must be provided before you obtain certification from the Commission. In addition, you must have a degree from an institution that is accredited by one of the accrediting bodies accredited by the Council on Higher Education. Refer to the US Department of Education website to see if your institution is accredited.

However, foreign degrees can also be approved by either the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers/Office of International Education Services or World Education Services/International Academic Credential Evaluation. See the links below for those organizations.

There is a also a 12-month experience requirement. This experience must include working with actual disability employees who are receiving disability payments as part of an employer’s disability compensation program.

Finally, there is a disability-management exam before certification will be granted. The handbook has an exam content outline showing the domains and topics tested on the exam plus some sample questions. The Commission does not recommend specific study materials per se, but it now provides the Core Knowledge Curriculum online for educational purposes. This will presumably help you prepare for the exam.


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Disability Management Certification Handbook

Core Knowledge Curriculum Training for Disability Management