How to Cope-up with Disability in Normal Life?

How to Cope-up with Disability in Normal Life?Disability:
Five senses of human being:
The human being has blessed with five senses. This helps him live with utmost satisfaction. The five important senses are – touching, seeing with eyes, smelling, tasting and hearing sounds. But in some people any one or more of the above five senses are lost or damaged. Even if any one of the senses does not function properly, some of the other senses make over for the damaged sense.
Compensating loss of one sense:
You can watch a sight impaired man walking without problem and even able to cross a road. His sense of hearing and touch gives that extra benefit for loss of sight.
Same way, a hearing impaired man can read one’s lip movements and understands the dialogue. He also uses his sight to watch what is happening around him? Some may have problems in smelling, but their taste buds help to enjoy their food.
Man can express himself even if his voice is lost. You can notice these expressions are portrayed in art forms, like dances. The facial expressions speak volumes of stories.

How to overcome the disabilities:
There are many instances when one or more senses are lost due to natural causes or as birth defects. But in recent years, modern science and many medicines have developed to substitute or partially (may be fully) cure the defects. These artificial aids can help to overcome such defects and deficiencies successfully.
Deafness is the common problem to affect children, even in early stages. Treating children need special expertise and to be done with utmost care. But for adults, treatment may be slightly easy. There are two ways to treat a hearing impaired person. One is surgery and another is to use external hearing aids.
If you take surgery route to restore hearing loss, latest Cochlear Implant method is widely advised by experts. But this cannot be done on all people with deafness.
In such cases, external hearing aids come in handy. In hearing impaired person, treatment with latest hearing aids brings measurable improvements in social, emotional and psychological well-being. This is true for users and also their family members. Before selecting a hear aid, one should consult an Audiologist to get his advice about percentage of hearing lost. Based on this audio-gram testing, you have to select your hearing aid for better results.
Blindness is another common problem. In adults, blindness or partial blindness starts early. For total blindness, only remedy is replacement of eyes. As known to all, this is a long drawn process, with eye donors, high-tech hospital resources to harvest and implant the eyes from dead people or brain-dead people and so on. But this is also catching on in many parts of the world since organ donors are increasing everywhere
But for partial blindness or eye cataract, latest technology has revolutionized entire process with simple and best eye care. Earlier Cataract surgery was performed with bigger round incision or hole. Patient had to in hospital for days with eyes strapped in heavy bandages. Then, the patient has to take rest for few weeks at home. Doctor prescribes thick glasses to wear.
Latest cataract surgery technology changed all these. Small incision performed with few days of rest and regular glasses or contact lenses. Still better technology has taken over this cataract surgery to very safe and comfortable level for patient. Today S-MICS is the revolutionary cataract treatment worldwide. It has many advantages. It gives better quality of vision, faster recovery time and very minimal or no chances of infections. Hospitalization is practically nil in this surgery since patient can walk out of hospital on the same day. Cost wise it is very affordable. With this patient can feel young and confident.
Loss of limbs is another major disability due to accidents. This can be cured by replacing artificial limbs. Many types and varieties are available to suit everyone.
In general, man need not worry about the disabilities, but he should have courage and girth to face the world with such disabilities. Other human being should not show sympathy to them, it may give an inferiority complex to the person with disability. Just treat them as ordinary citizen. That is great.