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Who Pays for Workers Compensation

Workers comp is an important financial benefit and, if you ever need it, you may want to know who pays for workers compensation. Most U.S. employers must purchase workers compensation insurance. Unfortunately, workers comp insurance doesn’t cover all workers. If you’re an independent contractor, an agricultural worker, or a

Is Workers Compensation Taxable

If you currently receive workers compensation benefits, or you plan to apply for workers comp benefits after a work-related accident, injury or illness, you may ask, “Is workers compensation taxable?” The answer, according to IRS, is that a small part of workers comp benefits may indeed be taxable but

How to Prepare Your Workers Comp Benefits Claim

Workers compensation benefits are intended to provide wage replacement and necessary medical care to an injured or ill claimant whose condition is the result of employment. Each of the 50 states administers a separate workers comp system. The process required to file a workers comp claim differs slightly between

How Does Workers Comp Work

Questions about the workers compensation system, such as how does workers comp work, can help you learn the answers about how to win a workers comp claim if you’ve suffered a work-related illness or injury. The workers compensation system is the oldest insurance system in the United States. Industrial