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Workmans Comp Disability Versus Disability Working Allowance

Work related injuries account for millions of dollars in disability benefits each year. For many employees, the receipt of workmans comp disability provides for a way to sustain current lifestyle while recovering from a work injury. If you have been injured at work, it is important to become familiar

Social Security Disability and Worker’s Compensation Benefits – What You Should Know

Work related injuries often result in severe limitations. Worker’s Compensation benefits are payable to the injured worker for lost wages and medical treatment. If the limitations are severe enough, the employee may be found to be permanently and totally disabled”. In many states, like Florida, benefits are paid for

Workers Compensation Settlements

Workers compensation settlements are entirely voluntary. The employer or its workers compensation insurer isn’t required to settle a workers comp claim. The claimant isn’t required to agree with the settlement offer as proposed, either. If you’re in the process of discussing a settlement of a workers compensation claim, or

Workers Comp Final Settlement

A workers comp final settlement represents the closure of an agreement between the injured worker and the employer or its insurance company. Many workers comp claims are settled through a negotiation process between the injured victim, the employer and/or insurer, and legal counsel for the parties. A workers comp