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What is a Disability Working Allowance?

Medical disability can lead to a variety of financial complications and, in some cases, leave an individual completely unable to find gainful employment. If you are caring for a child who has a disability, it is important to begin thinking about the options for financial support should your child

Finding a Job When You Have a Disability

Finding a job is a difficult task for anyone, but when you add a disability into the mix, things get even harder. The unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is at a whopping 75 percent. There are several factors affecting this statistic, but fear of losing benefits and accessibility

Social Security Disability

I had a microdiscectomy done earlier this year and I’m not any better than I was before surgery.The neurosurgeon said this type of surgery helps 90% of patients. I guess I fell into the 10 % category.I had a mri and myelogram done in may that showed post-op change

Overcoming a Disability

Having spent 9 years in a wheelchair as a child, I can come out and tell you it was a very miserable experience, but persevered and made the best out of the situation. Knowing that there are others with many different types of disabilities this article will explain to