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What is a Disability Working Allowance?

Medical disability can lead to a variety of financial complications and, in some cases, leave an individual completely unable to find gainful employment. If you are caring for a child who has a disability, it is important to begin thinking about the options for financial support should your child

Finding a Job When You Have a Disability

Finding a job is a difficult task for anyone, but when you add a disability into the mix, things get even harder. The unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities is at a whopping 75 percent. There are several factors affecting this statistic, but fear of losing benefits and accessibility

U.S. Social Security Vs. the United Kingdom’s Disability Allowance

In the United States our health care standards are consistently lagging behind other civilized countries. I can find hundreds of reminders of how and why other countries just do it better. Here is a look at one example of an extremely useful benefit offered to citizens of the United

The Difference Between SSI and Social Security Disability

Many people use the terms SSI and Disability interchangeably when referring to payments made by the Social Security Administration to disabled workers. However, there are some major differences that people should understand when it comes to the two different programs. If you are disabled and applying for benefits there