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Disability Living Allowance: Disability Benefits for ADHD Children

There is a growing financial concept, internationally, among families who care for a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Known as Disability Living Allowance (DLA), families of children with ADHD, outside of the United States, are qualifying for this financial disability allowance to aid in the care of

Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Illness

Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Illness – As a social work intern for patients with mental illness in Los Angeles county, I have met with many people who have applied for or are currently receiving Social Security benefits due to a mental health condition. Acquiring monthly disability benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits:

Social Security Disability and SSI benefits: Before You File Your Claim I promised that my next article in this series was going to be filing the claim, but I afterwards I realized I first needed to discuss the things you need to do before you file the claim. The

Social Security Disability: Is it Possible Without Health Insurance?

Many disabled people and their loved ones express exhasperation with the catch-22 of the system that accepts or denies claims for Social Security Disability Insurance. To those who lack pre-existing health insurance, a comprehensive diagnosis with a physician’s statement might be difficult, or even impossible, to come by. This