Can You Qualify for Disability If You Have Ulcerative Colitis?

Can You Qualify for Disability If You Have Ulcerative Colitis?Ulcerative colitis can result in the need to use the restroom up to 20 twenty times per day. It can result in dramatic weight loss, fatigue and chronic cramping. The excess loss of fluids can cause many problems not the least of which is dehydration. Ulcerative colitis is a severe, even life-threatening condition.

So, the question is: are you eligible for disability benefits? According to the Social Security Administration, you are. The question is whether or not one is able to work on a regular basis and if they are able to care for themselves on a basic level, however, it basically revolves around the ability to work.

My wife applied and received disability benefits. Typically, it is necessary to apply twice however, she received them right away. What is the procedure?

There is a basic application. Then all records are assembled from one’s various doctors. Further, statements are required from current and past jobs as well as your family. The date of onset and the date of one’s inability to function are recorded.

Of course, symptoms and abilities vary from person to person with respect to Ulcerative colitis. However, there are certain conditions that, when present, are still not considered for disability by the government; Ulcerative colitis is.

As the procedure continues in the evaluation of disability, the determining factor is the specific functions one performs at their job. Obviously if you work at home and don’t have to meet the public, you have less of a chance of receiving disability benefits than if you have to remain at a desk all day and you are cramping constantly everyday; in other words, it is impossible to bring your symptoms under control.

Sometimes the treatment itself, such as dramatic surgery, creates a disabling condition.

If you can’t work on a regular basis, or if working is creating as much of a mental pressure as a physical one (and it can!), then you should apply for disability. You can visit the Social Security Administration online ( to get the ball rolling. Even if you are initially declined, try again. That is when most people are approved.

If you have been struck down by Ulcerative colitis, in many cases, even the government says you deserve a break!